My Drama My Life/Mon Drame Ma Vie


These short dramas are based on the ministry I was privileged to have with Kasongo Munza and the book he wrote.  They are centered around an African family in an African village.  The parents, Moses and Esther, are raising their four children to love and serve the Lord.  They are endeavoring to open their eyes to how God loves them, their community and the world around them. 


The scenes mostly take place in the family home and often around the supper table.  The topics dealt with in the dramas are based in the African context, but the teaching is universal.  An issue comes up and is discussed.  The parents bring the family to God’s Word and how it speaks about the issue. 


The dramas are not intended to answer every question.  The purpose of them is promote discussion and base that discussion on Scripture.  




There are six principle actors in the dramas, which are based on an African family in an African village. They are:  Moses--father; Esther--mother; Peter--first born, age 10 to 11;  Naomi--second born,age 8 to 9;  John--third born, age 5 to 6;  Hannah--fourth born, age 3 to 4.  The grandparents enter the dramas later.  



  • SFX means “Sound Effects”

  • The exclamation Eeh (ĕ) or Eeh eeh (ĕ, ĕ) is one I have heard in many languages in Africa and have tried to write.  It is an expression of agreement, exclamation or surprise depending on intonation. 

  • In the African family, adults are addressed by other adults as Mother or Father of . . . one of their children.  Some countries drop the “of”.  So Mother in this situation would be Mother Peter, or Mother Hannah.  This would be the same person, as she has had both Peter and Hannah.  There are different practices for children addressing their parents, as in “Mama” or “Mother”. 


Some of the dramas are serious and some are fun.  The intention of all of them is to encourage discussion and learning.  I look forward to hearing from you about how God is using them.

Quote From the Drama FGM

Mother:  My daughter.  We have a freedom in Christ which helps us look at our world like God does, and choose.  We worship a God who loves us and our traditions, when they are right and helpful.  He also tells us what traditions are harmful or wrong.  And then he can help us change them and make new traditions.  If someone does not have Christ, or does not understand what he came to do, they aren’t free.  

(This will be in a future blog.)

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